Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grandparents' Survival Kit

Here's our completed survival kit we made for Valerie's grandparents who probably needed some of the survival gear while we stayed with them for a week during Christmas 2008. There are a lot of pictures to follow, and in case you are wondering, no - we were not able to fit everything in the pail! ;)
First picture is the altered paint can (we picked up an empty paint pail at our local ACE Hardware). Lots of pink and green ribbon on the handle and the tag has a hand stitched flower on it. Also, the top is adorned with huge Prima flowers (thanks, Robinn!) and the side is accented with smaller primas.

Now here are all of the goodies, otherwise known as survival gear, included in the kit.

Here's a picture of the actual brag book...we found these really cute Vera Bradley photo albums.

We got the classic car postage stamps for Grandpa...

That's all!


  1. I LOVE this take on the grandparent kit. I am going to be scraplifting just so that you know!
    Caitlynsmommy on the MB

  2. This is really an adorable idea. I may do this for my in-laws for grandparents day. Thanks for the inspiration.