Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Big Game...Ohio vs. Michigan

Every year, my dh and I bet on the Ohio vs. Michigan and the Army vs. Navy football games. I have been on a winning streak for several years now. Ohio beat Michigan on November 22, 2008 with a final score of 42-7. And today, Navy beat Army with a final score of 34-0. That zero is not a typo...Army really didn't score a single point today. :(
In honor of the Michigan and Ohio game, Valerie and I made John some state shaped cut out cookies. A big thank you to Dave and Julie for sending us these special cookie cutters! I think we'll make these every year for the big game! John took a platter of these to his work to share in their Thanksgiving potluck luncheon, and he seems to be surrounded by Buckeye fans! My "O's" are a little shakey, but I think I might have been a little tired after sitting through a 4 hour Infant and Child CPR class earlier that evening.
Here are the Michigan Cookies!

And here are the Ohio cookies!

And here are the taste testers!

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